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Zmation, Inc. Announces Move

October 1, 1995 -- Portland, OR, USA---Zmation, Inc. announced today that they will move to their new manufacturing facility in Portland, OR Oct. 15th, 1995. This facility will provide the space required for the exceptional growth experienced from the start of Zmation in late 1994. Additionally, this move will finalize the separation of Zmation, Inc. from (ECD) Electronic Controls Design.

Zmation, Inc. was started after the sale of ECD Nova Systems Division and has provided support and service for the Nova Automated Dispensing Systems since the sale. This support as well as upgrades to the original systems will be continued under individual contracts from the new Zmation facility. Additionally, Zmation has developed their own line of Automated Dispensing, Soldering, Brazing, Odd Component P&P, Machine Vision, and customized "Robotic" Assembly Cells for applications throughout the electronics industry.

Zmation, Inc. has extensive experience in process engineering, systems integration, machine vision, motion control technology, and advanced industrial software. This experience along with our close vendor relationships, allows Zmation to provide cost effective automation solutions that utilize both custom designed and commercially available equipment.

For More Information Contact:

Zmation, Inc.
14811 NE Airport Way, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97230-8301 USA
Tel: 001 503 253 8871
FAX: 001 503 253 9068