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Z-LMP Video     Z-LMP Data Sheet (Adobe Acrobat® V5.0 format)

The Z-LMP Marking/Machining Platform can be custom configured to meet the most demanding laser marking and machining application requirements.  This platform and menu driven software are ideally suited for both high-mix/low volume or extremely high volume applications.  The system comes complete with either a CO2 or Nd:YAG laser (10 to 500 watt, depending on application), industrialized PC controller running the proprietary Zmation Operations Software package, a safety interlocked laser enclosure,  fume extractor, an optional video alignment or automated vision system, chiller, or air cool, and custom tooling.  Consult our technical sales department to discuss options for configuring your specific application solution.

Key Benefits

bulletFlexible/User Friendly
bulletCustom Configurable
bulletClosed Loop Servo Drives
bulletBall Screw Technology
bulletIndustrialized Computer
bulletCO2 or Nd:YAG Lasers
bulletUp to 48" x 48" Travel